Discover Trades with Breakout Signals and Alerts

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InsiderFinance technical analysis breakout signals for swing trading stocks, crypto, and forex

InsiderFinance generates breakout signals for stocks, crypto, and forex when multiple proprietary technical indicators show a similar pattern.

We display these signals within our dashboard and send them to our Discord.

Each signal is backed by an elaborate series of proven indicators that all work together to give you the most accurate predictions possible based on market trends from multiple sources.

In other words, you receive a signal when our high-performing indicators are in confluence.

What is Confluence?

Confluence is simply combining more than one indicator, pattern, or analysis to increase your odds of winning on a trade.

Traders gain an edge when multiple technical indicators using different price concepts from various non-correlated techniques show the same trend.

Why is Confluence Important?

Historically, trades made when technical indicators are in confluence have a higher potential of working out successfully.

Finding confluence can eliminate noise when it comes to a validating signal.

Our proprietary signals are designed to give you confidence entering every trade, knowing that you already have strong technical indicators in confluence backing your position.

We generate three kinds of signals:

Long Signal

Buy signal backed up bull swing diamond. This combination means that 90% of our indicators show a bull signal.

Short Signal

Sell signal backed up bear swing diamond. This combination means that 90% of our indicators show a bear signal.

Trend Change

Algo switches from Buy to Sell or from Sell to Buy but without 90% consensus.

These signals are generated using technical indicators from 1 and 2 hour charts.

This means that the signal may play out immediately or that it may take a few days for the signal to play out.

We use this time frame so you have more opportunity to plan appropriate entries and exits.

We recommend validating the signal with order flow, news sentiment, or social sentiment for the best chances of success.

Before entering a trade, make sure to pull up our charting tool to ensure you like the chart setup.

Tips on how to read our charting tool are in this article.