How To Access the InsiderFinance Technical Analysis System

byInsiderFinance Teamon
Infographic displaying features of the InsiderFinance automated technical analysis system built on TradingView

Our proprietary technical analysis system built on TradingView takes the guesswork out of reading charts and automates complex analysis so you can trade confidently.

Access to our technical analysis system is included with every subscription to InsiderFinance.

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Quick Access Instructions

Click this link to navigate to your TradingView Profile page.

(If you’re directed to a sign-in page, see full instructions below)

Paste the full URL of your TradingView Profile in the below box on our access page and click Submit to receive access in minutes!

InsiderFinance Technical Analysis System access page for inputting TradingView profile URL

Need help? Read our step-by-step instructions below for fast and easy access.

Full Instructions: Request Access in a Few Easy Steps

You’re just a few minutes away from gaining access to our powerful charting tools!

A few notes before you get started:

  • Access is included with every subscription to InsiderFinance (no additional charges)
  • You'll use your new trading tools directly through TradingView's website (not our dashboard)
  • You can use our charting tools with a free TradingView account (no additional paid TradingView subscription required)

It’s worth taking a few minutes to try our award-nominated indicators for yourself.

A few minutes could totally change the way you trade and help you maximize profits on every trade!

1. Sign in on TradingView's Website

Click this link to sign into your TradingView account.

If you don’t have a TradingView account yet, you’ll need to create one to access our tools. Creating a TradingView account is fast and free!

You can access our scripts with a free TradingView account.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid TradingView account, use this link to receive a 30-day free trial and up to $30 off.

You'll need to sign in to TradingView's website to complete the next step.

TradingView sign up page displaying the different options to create an account

2. Copy the URL from your TradingView Profile Page

Click this link to navigate to your TradingView Profile page.

Below is the TradingView Profile page and what you should see after clicking the above link.

TradingView profile page displaying the TradingView username and account information

If you don't see the above page, that means you need to sign in first (see Step 1) and click the link again.

Once you see the above page, below is what your TradingView Profile URL looks like.

An example of TradingView's profile URL needed for InsiderFinance access

In your browser's web address bar, copy the URL of your TradingView profile page you just opened.

3. Submit your TradingView Profile URL

Click this link to navigate to our TradingView Profile URL page and paste the full TradingView Profile page URL in the box shown below then click Submit.

InsiderFinance Technical Analysis System access page for inputting TradingView profile URL

4. Receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to find our scripts in TradingView.

Once you receive the email, the InsiderFinance scripts become visible in the TradingView search. This usually happens immediately but can take up to 24 hours.

You can find all our scripts in the Invite-Only section under Indicators.

Invite-only section of indicators on TradingView where InsiderFinance scrips are added

5. Click on each script to add it to your chart, configure the settings, and start trading!

The INSIDERFINANCE ALGO, INSIDERFINANCE MOMENTUM, AND INSIDERFINANCE SQUEEZE scripts all have a variety of features you can turn on/off.

They also have sensitivity settings for how many buy/sell signals you want to see.

Hover the chart with your mouse to get the controls to appear and click the gear icon next to the script name to see the settings.

InsiderFinance Algo settings on TradingView to adjust configurations