How is InsiderFinance Different

by InsiderFinance Team on 03/30/2022

We wanted to share why we created InsiderFinance so you understand the value you'll receive. 

Our mission is to give traders of any experience level the data, tools, community, and education to profit from trading stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, and forex, empowering them to earn life-changing income from the financial markets.

The first powerful tool we created was a highly intelligent options order flow and dark pool print platform.

Before InsiderFinance, we used a different options order flow platform that provided a raw list of trades without any context as to which were meaningful or market moving.

When you look at a raw list of trades, how do you know which contracts matter? That's exactly the problem we set out to solve when we created InsiderFinance.

Our platform provides a curated list of tradable information plus multiple data points and visuals so you can make better trade decisions faster and dramatically increase your chance of success in every trade using a data-driven approach. 

The results speak for themselves. Our traders have found that our curated approach focused on actionable information saves hours of research a day and increases their success rate significantly.

Below are a few testimonials directly from our members:

"I love the fact that the data is processed and I don't have to dig through raw option flow data to find trades. This saves me a lot of time and provides a solid foundation for future research." - Dip A.
"InsiderFinance's information has increased my returns 10 times. I have made $702,000 in 5 months using their data." - Khosro T.
"InsiderFinance has improved my profits from trading. It allows me to take positions with better winning odds. It also gives me confidence knowing that there is "Smart Money" backing my trade. Highly recommend." - Phuc D.

So how do we accomplish this? InsiderFinance has a proprietary algorithm that intelligently processes and filters the options order flow to increase your probability of success.

Unlike other options order flow tools that use the same cookie-cutter data source and basic filtering, we start with the raw feed (i.e. 6M+ options contracts traded on a daily basis) and use proprietary processing and filtering, developed by a trained Wall Street quant, to only show you the trades that have the potential to be market-moving.

Combined with Heat Score, our proprietary indicator of how aggressively a trade was executed, our goal is to help you quickly identify market-moving trades without sorting through the noise.

Quality data is the most underappreciated element of any dashboard.

Our algorithms do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to spend hours filtering through distracting order flow.

Anyone can provide a full trade population, but identifying the market-moving trades the way we do is the real value.

Our case study on using options order flow shows you exactly how powerful the results can be.

While our focus is helping you save time through intelligent processing, we understand some traders would like to perform the analysis themselves.

That's why we made the full order flow available so you have the best of both worlds: market-moving data + full trade population. 

Our members tell us our platform is the best of its kind (and it's not even close).

And as traders ourselves, we know that finding trade ideas and reinforcing trade decisions with order flow is only one piece of the puzzle.

That's why we created our proprietary technical analysis system to make sophisticated technical analysis fast and easy.

Before we created our automated system, we were frustrated with how much time we spent trying to interpret complicated technical indicators.

And after starting at the indicators for what felt like hours, we still weren't even confident that we read them correctly.

That's why we created a comprehensive and easy to use technical analysis system that takes the guesswork out of interpreting advanced indicators to accurately predict when to buy & sell stocks, options, forex, and futures. 

The proprietary system adjusts itself for any symbol in any asset class with impressive precision to detect optimal entries and exits and comes with dual oscillators to drastically reduce false signals.

The tool includes an automated risk management system with take profit and stop loss levels adjustable for risk tolerance.

We couldn't believe how much our returns improved using our charting tool!

We now make trade decisions faster and more confidently knowing an elaborate series of indicators is reinforcing every buy/sell signal, and we use caution candles/dots and take profit/stop loss levels to time our exits perfectly.

We truly hope you decide to give us a try. We're confident that you'll find the same value our many happy members have if you do.