Earn Monthly Income With InsiderFinance Affiliate Program

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Love InsiderFinance (or making money)?

You can earn recurring monthly income by spreading the word to your friends or trading community through our affiliate program!

How to Sign Up for the InsiderFinance Affiliate Program

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for the affiliate program and start earning recurring monthly income.

First, create an account, and you can access our affiliate program information and your affiliate dashboard through your settings page (no subscription required).

Enter the username you'd like to use and click submit.

Sign up for the InsiderFinance Affiliate Program from the Settings page to earn monthly income

Your affiliate link will include the username you select. For example, if you choose “rob” as your username, your affiliate link would be https://app.insiderfinance.io/go/rob.

After entering your username, your affiliate link will appear on your settings page and affiliates page.

Location of your InsiderFinance affiliate link on your settings page
Location of your InsiderFinance affiliate link on your affiliates page

Once you create the affiliate link, then you share that affiliate link with anyone you'd like to refer.

After someone clicks the link, we track whether they sign up within the next 4 weeks.

If they do sign up, that's when you start earning recurring income!

Tracking Your Affiliate Sales

You can track any clicks and sales through your affiliate dashboard on the affiliate page.

InsiderFinance affiliate program dashboard showing subscribers, payments, and referral clicks

‍Below are the affiliate program payment details for when you refer a friend.

Essentially, you receive 20% of their subscription payment for each month they're active.

  • You earn recurring income every month the referral's subscription remains active. Example: you refer a friend who buys a monthly subscription and stays for 15 months. You receive income every month for all 15 months.
  • Each payment earns you 20% of the recurring sale price after fees. For example, a $100 sale costs us 2.9% + 30 cents in fees, which is $96.80 in sales after fees. You'll earn 20% of that on every subscription payment.
  • Each URL sets a 4-week cookie.
  • These URLs can be put behind any URL shortener if desired.
  • The affiliate code is not case-sensitive, so you can capitalize/lowercase to fit your branding.
  • Sales and subscription payments are updated in real-time, though the numbers may change if refunds are given or fraud is detected.
  • We pay out the previous month's earnings in ~30 days. This is to account for any credit card fraud or refunds.
  • When promoting the brand, you agree to adhere to the InsiderFinance Terms of Service.
  • You agree to promote InsiderFinance in good faith and will not use illegal, unethical, or spammy tactics to promote the brand.
  • By sharing a link, you understand and agree to the above-mentioned terms.

Please feel free to share images of the dashboard.

Having others show how they use our data to profit is incredibly valuable, so we encourage that!

If you have a large audience, we also provide a custom discount code for you to share and post your content in our resource center. Please reach out to us if that’s you!

There's currently a big opportunity to make YouTube videos and write blog reviews.

Include InsiderFinance in the title of any videos or blog reviews you do, and your content will likely be on the front page of Google and YouTube! We'd also point people there.

That’s it! You’re ready to start earning recurring income.