3 Steps to Trade

by InsiderFinance Team on 03/30/2022

1) Filter the dashboard for trades that fit your style (or try one of our Actionable Presets).

  • Unusual Options Activity represents individual options contracts that expire within 35 days and are at least 10% out of the money.
  • Unusual trades imply that Wall Street is expecting big price swings in short order.
  • Sweeps are orders Wall Street tries to disguise by executing across multiple exchanges.
  • Sweep trades indicate the highest urgency in fulfillment.
  • Momentum is our proprietary relative volume indicator if you like to trade volume.
  • Low-priced contracts with high potential for big price swings.

2) Find the right high-potential tickers in the Smart Market Insight by Ticker or check out the Top Tickers page for an algorithmically curated list of high potential tickers to start researching.

Sort by any column to find the tickers that fit your style the fastest, or use our suggested sorting from the Actionable Preset.

Understand the overall sector sentiment for the ticker. This can be useful to make sure you aren't trading "against the current".

For example, the tech sector is very bullish in the above image, so picking a ticker in the tech sector could have a better potential to go up ("all ships rise with the tide" as they say).

3) Hone in on the right contract on the Ticker Research page

View the News to understand the general sentiment or any catalyst events.

Pull up a chart to make sure you like the technicals.

Analyze recent trends such as volume, premium, or expiry distribution.

Assuming your research has gone well, use the real-time flow to find a contract to consider executing.

You can also sort the options orders by Heat Score, our proprietary algorithm uses an unbiased, data-driven approach to identify and rank Wall Street’s highest conviction trades.