Actionable Snapshots Overview

by InsiderFinance Team on 03/30/2022

Actionable Insights:

Real-time snapshots are delivered three times per trading day (delivery options below) with the same intelligence at the most actionable times (in Eastern Time):

  • 11am: Morning Momentum
  • 2pm: Mid-day Movers
  • 5pm: Daily Recap

On Saturday around 11:00am, you’ll also receive our Weekly Recap.

We offer three ways to view our actionable snapshots:

Our Discord server provides a mobile-friendly, reliable way to receive our actionable snapshots without cluttering your inbox.

The Discord is read-only for now, and we'll continue to funnel actionable intelligence through it over time (for example, unusual options activity news articles, new analyst ratings, or insider trading). 

Because we offer a few ways to receive our snapshots, emall is disabled by default as we don't want to overwhelm you with snapshots from multiple sources.

Please feel free to enable it in your settings if that's your preferred method of delivery.

The image below shows you where to enable the email alerts and join the Discord server on the settings page.