Why Trade Alongside Smart Money

by InsiderFinance Team on 03/30/2022

Wall Street’s elite (Smart Money) have MASSIVE resources and spend considerable time and money to access information before the rest of us.

It’s totally legal, unlike insider trading, but it gives them an unfair advantage very similar to that of insider trading. 

Information advantage is the name of the game. Naturally, the person with the most information can make the better decision.

That’s Wall Street. And because they use their endless resources to receive market-moving information before the rest of us, it’s harder for them to lose. 

And, since they know this, they can confidently take large positions in highly-leveraged options trades and multiply their profits.

It completely changes the game and puts the rest of us at a disadvantage.

It turns out, there’s a way to see these unusual trades… trades that may not make sense under normal circumstances.

What’s even more amazing? There’s a way for investors like you and me to have the same advantage as smart money without spending millions on the same massive resources. 

That’s where InsiderFinance comes in.

We figured out how to expose the market-moving transactions that Wall Street doesn’t want you to see and deliver real-time, actionable analysis to trade alongside smart money into the hottest unusual options trades on Wall Street.