Is the Options Order Flow Filtered?

byInsiderFinance Teamon
InsiderFinance proprietary options flow filtering process from all options trades to smart money options insights

Yes, InsiderFinance has a proprietary algorithm that intelligently processes and filters the options flow to increase your probability of success.

Unlike other options order flow tools that use the same cookie-cutter data source and basic filtering, we start with the raw feed (i.e. 6M+ options contracts traded daily) and use proprietary processing and filtering, developed by a trained Wall Street quant, to only show you the trades that have the potential to be market-moving.

Combined with Heat Score, our proprietary indicator of how aggressively a trade was executed, our goal is to help you quickly identify market-moving trades without sorting through the noise.

Quality data is the most underappreciated element of any dashboard. Our algorithms do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to spend hours filtering through distracting order flow.

However, we also understand some traders would like to perform the analysis themselves. That's why we made the full order flow available on the Ticker Research page so you have the best of both worlds: market-moving data + full trade population.
If you're interested in seeing more trades, you can use the Full Feed preset to display all trades for a ticker above a premium threshold for both options flow and dark pool.

Toggle button showing the ability to switch between the smart options flow and the full options flow on InsiderFinance