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Institutional investors (smart money) only trade when they have an unfair advantage. We analyze millions of dark pool prints and options contracts traded each day to alert you on the tickers that have the highest potential of being market moving.

Gain Your Edge with Powerful Data-Driven Tools

Trade faster and more confidently with robust and intuitive tools designed to increase your success

Intelligent order flow to see every unusual options trade, sneaky dark pool print, and smart money transaction in real-time, ranked by our proprietary algorithm for high potential

Everything You Need for Consistent Profits

Intelligence You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Most comprehensive and easy to use platform ever created to level the playing field for all traders

Intelligent Order Flow
Save hours of research with the most accurate and intelligent options and dark pool order flow publicly available, developed by a quant
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Automated Technical Analysis with Unmatched Accuracy

Proprietary system adjusts itself for any symbol in any asset class with unmatched precision to automatically detect optimal entries and exits

Complex Analysis, Simplified
Series of elaborate indicators predict market trends more accurately than anything else publicly available
Effortless Risk Management
Stop guessing where to take profits or set stop losses with automatic levels for every signal, adjustable for risk tolerance
Ultimate Trend Confirmation
Trend Lines, Triangles, and Reversal Diamonds provide multiple confirmations of the market direction
Dual Oscillators for Extra Confidence
Momentum and Squeeze oscillators confirm your entry and exit signals and eliminate false signals
Swing Signals
Receive swing alerts with a proven track record of high performance on any symbol in any asset class
Caution Candles & Dots
Quickly identify trend slowdowns and time the perfect exit with yellow candles and caution dots
Markets by TradingView

See the Trades Smart Money Tries to Hide

Unusual Activity
Unusual Activity
“Out of the ordinary” options trades bought with unusual volume and/or trade size, filled with extreme urgency ahead of extraordinary movements
Intermarket Sweeps
Intermarket Sweeps
“Stealthy”, urgent orders the Smart Market tries to hide by “sweeping” across multiple exchanges to fill quickly
Private Blocks
Private Blocks
Substantially large, privately negotiated orders that are too big to be executed through public markets
Dark Pool Prints
Dark Pool Prints
Shine the light on trades executed in private exchanges used to hide big movements

Institutional investors (smart money) use their access to insider information and sophisticated technology to move markets with an unfair advantage. Our institutional-grade tools simplify complex analysis to level the playing field for every trader.

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InsiderFinance's information has increased my returns 10 times. I have made $702,000 in 5 months using their data.
Khosro T
Member Since March 2021
InsiderFinance is a game changer. The realtime option flow in combination with the visualizations help me identify quickly where the smart money is flowing to and what side of the contracts they are betting big money on.
Bryan B
Member Since December 2020
I just want to say I just tried one day of it today and I am amazed!!! You guys have a loyal customer for life!!!
Do you guys offer referral incentives? I'm going to tell all my friends about this.
Norman W
Member Since March 2021
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